France & Vincent


We are well used to discourse about desire,

as if it were the most well understood thing in the world.


Yet, it seems that, desire is more complex than we can reasonably credit.


Within any desire there are always numerous distinct sensations, to wit…

The state we leave, the state we go to, in addition to,

the sensation of this ‘leaving-and-going-to’ itself.


As well as these feelings there are also thoughts,

and in every desire, there is an overriding thought.


Finally, as a result, arising from this complex net of feelings and thoughts,

there is an affect which acts like an injunction…

‘I am free, but I must obey.’


This consciousness clings to every desire as, also,

does that focus of intent which fixes itself

on one thing with an uncompromising directive,

‘This and this alone is required, now!’

It can be seen…


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