“Whispers On Wind” (Poem) Thursday Write Photo Prompt – Afar

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Sue Vincent, of “The Daily Echo”, has provided this gorgeous photo for last Thursday Write Photo Prompt – Afar.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows green fields leading to distant, snow-covered hills, lit with the pink-gold glow of sunset.

“Whispers on Wind”


Overlook the vast terrain

majestic snowcaps shimmer from afar,

rosy clouds tango lovingly above

He once held her hand in his,

a proposal of a forever life

the two journey through 

myriads of rolling green hills

Many of plans and dreams

they did share, one was to remain forever there

Forever in the hills watching life unfold

watching seasons pass as they aged.

She stood, heels planted in the earth

with one last kiss, she released his ashes

for the breeze would scatter them 

up and over the mountains, 

up into the heavens above

Whispers on wind…

“We will be together again one day, my…

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