Ani’s Advent Calendar 2019! ~ Maintaining one’s Dognity

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Morning, Santa!

We’ve been having lots of white stuff out there… but no snow yet. Only frost so far. Don’t suppose you could help out with that?

It gets awfully cold on the paws, though. I mentioned this to the two-legs, but she just said I probably wouldn’t want to wear dog boots.

She’s probably right too. I saw her looking… especially at the bright red ones with little white furry cuffs… very Christmassy, she said. Would you do that to your reindeer? I never see pictures of Rudolph in boots! Puss-in-boots, maybe… but yeah, well, I’ll never understand cats…

But we dogs must maintain our dignity, you know.

Trouble is, I’m not sure I’ve got one.

She keeps telling me I have no dignity at all…  and she may have a point as I’m not at all sure what one is.

And I think I’m s’pposed to have one…

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2 thoughts on “Ani’s Advent Calendar 2019! ~ Maintaining one’s Dognity

  1. Dear Ani, I really feel for you. IF… two legs does succumb to buying you little boots, I’d wear them if I were you. There’s nothing worse than cold tootsies. Keep warm. Love Another, concerned, two-legs. xx

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