Ani’s Advent Calendar 2019 ~ An Indie-Ani Christmas?

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Dear Santa, here’s my Christmas list,
It’s just about that time,
And as an Indie writer
Thought I’d submit mine in rhyme.
I know you’re overworking
And your mailbox must be full,
So maybe a poetic list
Might have that extra ‘pull’?

I’d like to say that I’ve been good,
But that’s not up to me…
So could I have some nice reviews…
Some stars to top the tree?
I know it’s not that simple
As folks have to read them first,
And lugging all those books around
For you must be the worst!

So maybe you’d get Amazon
To do the decent thing…
Delivering the books for you…
Think of the joy they’d bring!
You wouldn’t have to carry them
Or break poor Rudolph’s back
With all those heavy volumes
That you’re hauling in that sack!

My third request of course you know;
To bring a little cheer…

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