Ani’s Advent 2019: A Christmas warning from Ruby and Willow

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Dear Santa,

You know the trouble with Christmas? It is all the stuff we can smell… wonderful tasty smells… and there are so many ‘not alloweds’. And while my two-legs is pretty good at making sure there are plenty of nice things I am allowed to eat, there are so many other things I can smell…

But, if you read my friend Ruby’s story, it is easy to see why our two-legses try to keep us safe and say ‘no’, even when we do the whole puppy-eye thing.

Ruby’s story says it all… and there is a link to some of the things we are definitely not allowed.

The two-legs says I have to mention making sure the fridge is properly shut too…

And the cupboards…

Much love,

Ani xxx

Ruby’s Christmas Warning

Now in my defence, although I am a retired guide dog and highly trained I am at…

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