Lovers… #Poetry



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One love is never enough

The road ahead

is full of handsome strangers

Each with a gift in hand

To teach you more about yourself

Make the most of this youthful time

In order to find the one true love

Who has the gift of fifty years in hand…?


He sent me flowers kissed with love

My eyes too blind to see

I let true love pass me by

Thirty years of loneliness

A broken heart

Time returned on summer bench

As breadcrumbs carelessly flew

Across his feet

The ducks they swarmed

A ready apology on my lips

Never spoken

His eyes I met…


13 thoughts on “Lovers… #Poetry

  1. Your poetry carries some beautiful and soothing lines, Anita. I remember when we went to a free outdoor concert in a park this past summer. We sat on the hillside, and down below us were a couple in their 90’s. I have never seen a couple more in love than those two. They got up and danced to a perhaps favorite song and they looked at each others eyes in a way that absolutely glowed with peace and contentment of the years spent together. We did not ask them to know their many years of love, but I couldn’t resist connecting with them in some way. When there was an intermission, I went down and talked to them. He had seen her when she was 16 and he was 18 and he went up and told her dad that he was going to marry his daughter. That was it for both of them. So they had definitely passed their 50th years together and then some. What an electric charge came from seeing two people so honestly in love with each other as if it was still that first day they fell in love. Thank you so much for the lovely poem. Anne

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