Update on Maggie 28 November


I am pleased to report that all seems well in Maggie’s world, and mine now since she finally wee’d last night (first time all day that we knew of) and also took a mammoth drink after we’d scolded her bowl in case there was something she sensed that we couldn’t see.
We don’t worry too much if she doesn’t eat as she’s never been a gutsy dog (or delicate eater come to think of it!) and eats when she’s hungry. When she doesn’t drink though, that is a concern so I was relieved to hear her lapping at her bowl last night.
This was her as a pup in 2005 (about 8-10 months)

We’ve had a smashing walk round the park where she wee’d and poo’d twice (both normal in texture, colour and aroma as all dog owners know you get to be a bit of a connoisseur on your…

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