How do you like each book in a series to end?

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Hello SErs. Harmony here. At the moment, I’m writing a trilogy, and I have a question about how you like for each book in a series to end. Cliffhanger or all tied off and settled? Or something in between?

By cliffhanger, I don’t mean that the main story arc and thread of the first book will be left unfinished. What I envision by a cliffhanger is that the main issue has been resolved (colonists have landed safely on a planet, say), but that another, new, issue then pops up at the last minute (the colonists discover they’re not actually alone on said planet, for example).

Do you, as both reader and writer, prefer to leave the new development for the start of the next book in the series, or do you think it’s okay to drop it into the final chapter of the previous book instead? I think it makes…

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