What Some Writers Do When They Should be NaNoing

Rachael Ritchey

I convinced myself over the last couple months to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but I didn’t have time to plan and prep like I would have liked. This, for someone who thought they were mostly a panster only to realize they are NOT, was a huge mistake.

I struggled for the first two weeks of the month to stay on track and fell way behind. I did a little catch up work in the third week, but as of Thursday last week I have not written anything for my work in progress (WIP). I know. LAME.

My numbers look horrid, and I doubt I can write the last 28,000 words in five days, although that would be pretty cool if I did! I’d have to write 9,333 words a day to accomplish that.

Still, even without winning, I am glad I signed up this year…

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