Oops a daisy………….


It has been one of THOSE days, when things have not gone to plan, though on the good news front Hubby’s INR has settled down.
It took some time for me to get to sleep last night and I was awake needing a wee at 1.30.
It was another little while before I got comfy, then I don’t remember anything until 8.24. YIKES! Hubby had a blood test at 9.30, but at least he was up and about.
Obviously I didn’t go, so decided to plod into the start of the day and walk the dog before breakfast.

We really needed another quiet day after the journey last week, so I thought I’d make some cards and Hubby wanted to make a small modification to the bedframe as his pillows kept falling through the gap at the top! Somehow new frames are some 4 inches longer than standard mattresses. He…

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