Notes from a Small Dog: Stuck

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am offended.

I was always told it wasn’t nice to laugh at another’s misfortune. ‘Specially when they are s’pposed to be your best friend.

I always knew my two-legs needed more training.

Anyway, I’ll tell you about it and you can make your own mind up.

We woke up this morning to a frozen world. Everything was white and even the muddy lawn was crispy. She stood shivering on the doorstep while I went out to explore, but as it was still dark, I didn’t keep her there too long.

By the time I’d had my breakfast, though, the sun was just starting to come up and the sky was all pretty and pink. I thought she would like to stand at the door with me… but no, she just opened it and went in again to put another jumper on.

I do find that a bit confusing… You…

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