Write Short, Edit Long / Write Long, Edit Short

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Hey, SE Readers. Joan here today with a subject near and dear to our hearts. Writing. Okay, little joke there. If you weren’t interested in writing, you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

We all know editing is a must when it comes to writing. First drafts suck. And we all want to make our stories the best they can be. However, editing isn’t always easy and maybe not the most enjoyable part of writing. Allow me to share a personal experience.

I recently began what I thought would be an easy project. For some time, I wanted to publish a collection of short stories. I had several in my archives. Some were finished, a few I had posted on my blog years earlier, and others were incomplete.

Each story had something in common—the need of serious editing.

I decided on a minimum word count of 2,000 words per story. The…

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