What do you see # 4 – An Uneasy Life



Credit; Google

It wasn’t an easy life

Morning till night spent in labour

Fetch this, fetch that,

The words repeated endlessly

There was no let up.

Despite her best efforts

Nothing was ever good enough

Always fault was found in everything she did

Ridiculed by the masters

Constantly told her worth was zero

And the threat of expulsion

Hung over her head.

One day the chance to escape presented itself

It meant a struggle

Bravery had to be summoned

Never before had she attempted to defy

To step away from what she believed was her responsibility

But her tether had been stretched just too far

So, she set off, anything had to be better than where she was.

Society called her every name

Ungrateful, wasteful, disgraceful,

But she trudged on

She survived

The mud of the past began to slip slowly from her,

Each step she felt the cleansing


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