Braving the Mind’s Inner Workings to Find Yourself – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Who are you when no one is watching? Where is the spot in your mind where you can escape when things get crazy, and you need a moment to compose yourself? Where is your special hideout, the safe room that lets you breathe, recover your sense of calmness, and imparts clarity? There was a time in my distant past when I visited my mental safe space frequently. This week I needed to find my happy place. I closed my eyes and tried to transport myself there. But it didn’t work.

I sought it in vain. As I searched, I discovered the memory was where I had left it. It hadn’t changed, but I had. Life moved on, evolved, and the solace I once found there no longer contained the balm my soul required. The revelation set me on a quest. I require an update to my image of me. I have met myself…

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