Sound familiar?

Tallis Steelyard

sound familiar

As Maljie or any other temple warden will tell you, their duties are many, varied and onerous. Thus when Maljie was indisposed, (whether through illness, enforced penitential spirituality or some other quixotic entanglement, the burden tended to fall upon the shoulders of Laxey, the sub-Hierodeacon. Whilst the Shrine of Aea in her Aspect as the Personification of Tempered Enthusiasm is not the largest fane in Port Naain, it is not without its distinguishing features.

Because of its situation, at the foot of the Sinecurists’ Grand Stair, it is the temple of choice for the smaller of the Sinecurists’ ‘devotional’ events. Thus on certain days the quiet running of the shrine is disturbed by gatherings of wealthy worshippers who displace the mendicants from their snug corners and generally upset the smooth running of the establishment. Still, when faced with the smug and prosperous, Maljie had ensured that all were well trained…

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