Funneling Challenges and Stress into Creativity – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


They tell us success requires a laser-like focus on a single goal. Then they suggest we create a work-life balance. They say it is necessary to spend equal time on our finances, personal growth, health, career, family, relationships, social activity, spirituality, creativity, attitude, and amusement. The demands are overwhelming and the wheel of life bumps over us imitating the proverbial bus.

The creatives among us are perhaps more sensitive to the underlying need for harmony. We wrestle with the tension, channeling it into our creations. The stress creates conflict, which we try to harness and incorporate into our work. If we are successful, we convey those feelings to our readers. It allows us to form a connection and tell a story that resonates.

How do you maintain balance in your life?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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4 thoughts on “Funneling Challenges and Stress into Creativity – Daily Quote

  1. Now I’m older, a lot of routine, plus a sort of organized chaos situation! Doesn’t everyone? Seriously, I don ‘t like too many rules or ‘set’ work, preferring spontaneity – especially when writing poetry. But every day I spur myself onwards and never seem to achieve enough…Hey ho. Upwards and onwards, Cheers. x

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