Resting and Manifesting

Peacock Poetry

A few weeks ago I found myself reluctant to trek back home after my morning jog. It was a glorious autumn day and the prospect of returning to more pragmatic tasks did not appeal. So, I threw caution to the wind and decided to wile away the next couple of hours sitting on a bench. Every time I give into such urges I am refilled with new drive and motivation. If I were a Doctor I would prescribe sitting on a bench in nature as a cure all for most minor ailments!


I sat upon a bench at noon

and watched the ducks bob by

The moment was quite opportune

The sun shone through my eyes

As I perceived the bliss in me

It came to me in whispers

Yes this is it, your voice agreed

All work just gives you blisters!

To sense the awe of wild bird…

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