The man without a face

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

D&T 127I wrote this several years ago now. In some ways, it feels wrong to repost it… as if by doing so I am not giving enough for what has been given. And yet, this man has stayed with me for over half a century and when I think of war, of the pain it brought and still brings to so many, it is of this gentleman I think. Although my own family members had served in the world wars, it was this man, with whom I never spoke, who made me begin to understand. 

I must have been ten or so. We were on a school trip to York. As we walked beneath the arches of Micklegate Bar, a man walked towards us. The group fell silent, then the whispering started and many pretended not to look or gawped instead. I knew about the ribbons he wore on his chest……

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