How to Find Your Way Back to Writing #WritingCommunity

Lucy Mitchell

Ever since I published Instructions for Falling in Love Again I have struggled to find my way back to writing.

Soon after my debut novel launched I threw myself into my second book; working title Heartbreak Cafe.This is a story which has been through six drafts and the Romantic Novelists New Writers Scheme. I had started writing it in the gaps between the drafts of Instructions so it seemed logical to me it would become book 2.

But then my writing wheels fell off; the creative tingles disappeared, my characters went quiet, my ideas dried up and fear set in. I had many failed attempts at forcing myself to sit down in a chair to write my seventh draft, it was horrid. Writing felt like an unreachable faraway land.

So, I stepped away from writing, ranted a lot on social media, put my heart into hitting my Goodreads challenge…

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