Don’t Bump into the Furniture

Stevie Turner

There was an article on the BBC News app yesterday that made me quite angry when I read it.  I read that in Japan, some companies are banning their female employees from wearing glasses.  It was also stated that in the Japanese retail sector, female shop assistants who wear glasses give off a ‘cold’ impression.

So how about Japanese men who wear glasses then?  I take it they get to keep theirs on while the female staff suffer headaches and bump into the furniture if they don’t want to wear contact lenses?  This just goes to perpetuate the sad predominantly male idea of women as sex objects to be ogled at and not taken seriously; a kind of walking (but not talking) vagina.  Hundreds of thousands of creepy men slavering over pornography through the decades has only helped to intensify the misconception that women are air-heads.  This ban will do…

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