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Hi, SeERs. It’s another Mae Day on Story Empire. As writers we’re always looking for ways to increase our creativity and our productivity, right? Today, I’m sharing several apps that could be helpful in achieving those goals. Please note that I am not affiliated with these in any way. I either use them myself or just thought they were intriguing and wanted to share.

mobile phone with app icons displayed, finger hovering over phone. Tablets with icons in background on either side

I’ve used a Story Wheel in the past to spark creative ideas. Brainstormer is like a story wheel for your phone. It comes with three spinning wheels that feature plot/conflict, theme/setting and subject/location. You spin each wheel to create endless combinations for inspirations. The classic Brainstormer is free, and you can add the Creature Builder at no cost. Yeah, I was all over that one! If you write supernatural, speculative, or sci-fi, the Creature Builder is a nice plus. There are other wheels you can…

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