Something spicy this way comes

Tallis Steelyard


For once, none of this was Laxey’s fault. It couldn’t be, he wasn’t even in Port Naain, but instead was in a distant mountain monastery drinking coffee so strong that past and future seemed to fold into each other. All this whilst struggling to cope with the intricacies of the Hermeneutic Catharine wheel. So once we have understood this, I can proceed with the tale.
Maljie was unwell. She was suffering from severe pain from shingles. Confined to her bed and reduced to cursing feebly those who claimed this was a result of her doing too much, she was resigned to just waiting for things to clear up of their own accord. Until she heard of the arrest, trail, and sentence to public execution of the notorious Liehat.

Now Port Naain, being a thrifty and civilised place, rarely inflicts the death penalty. The normal penalty is to be sold into…

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