Pampered and loved beyond bounds


I’m in bed now, at 7.30!
Instructions are no hoovering, no making tea, no cooking, no walking dog long distance on my own, no lifting, no shopping, and to rest keeping dog out of way of drain, or vice versa.
Seems weird, but I’ve got everything just so up here, so before I settle down for the night, let’s give you a giggle.

Things have changed since my last surgery. No beds in the day ward, just seats, and set out gowns and sexy red slipper socks on the tables in each curtained cubicle. No need to get undressed until you go down to theatre.
Putting on the bottle green compression socks was a laugh as I couldn’t do it having no grip in my hands, so Hubby and I struggle like some kind of under training Cinders and Charming. The end result was a lot of sock under my…

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