The Gender Neutrality of Superheroes #writephoto


‘Emojiman’ Doublebake pushed the door closed with a smiley face and sighed. His
aura rubbed away fake tears and he conjured up a tight teethy smile before
entering the kitchen. Adelaide ‘Supplegirl’ Doublebake unravelled herself from the stretch pole and closed her kindle.
‘If that’s the best face you can make, I’d guess today wasn’t the best?’

Trent forced out a wave that hovered overhead before being replaced by an old man shuttling stage left and a round face crying happy tears. ‘We spent the morning trying to decide if the turd emoji should be rainbow coloured to reduce the racist connotations of the original. You’d think the PR people could do that rather than a group of superheroes. We should be out there doing what we do best…’


round face with its tongue out followed by a single raised finger preceded
Trent’s reply, ‘We provide…

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