Man vs machine?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: qimono at pixabay

I awoke with an odd thought playing around the corners of my mind. “…You could, theoretically, extrapolate the whole of human evolution and history, every conversation and story that had ever been or would be, from a single human cell.” Not a new idea… it must have been used in any number of science fiction tales, but it was a fairly unusual thought for me to wake with… I am no scientist. But, in those brief moments before the dream faded, with spirals of luminescent DNA curling around me, I knew exactly why it could be done and how to do it.

As the dream escaped, exorcised by the damnable alarm-clock, I tried to follow the wisps of thought that remained, but as consciousness returned, I kept on coming up against two major obstacles. Even supposing you could access and extrapolate the data in the cell…

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