Streets Ahead Street Team Promotion – Anita Dawes

Stevie Turner

This week on Streets Ahead we’re promoting Anita  Dawes’ novel ‘Simple‘:

Simple’s life is a painful nightmare.
He is one huge bear of a man, but with the heart and mind of an innocent child. He suffers terrible abuse from his vicious and uncaring backwoods family.
Together with his half-sister Leanne, they are hunted like wild animals and suffer the terror of nearly being burned alive as they try to escape.
Will they ever discover the joy of freedom?


3 October 2013

Format: Kindle Edition
This is a story about some very tough and mean people somewhere in the backwoods and mountains of America. It is told from the perspective of a young girl whose mission in life is to protect her big, but simple-minded brother from harm. The story is…

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