Bad hair day… from the archives

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

baby elephantI know I shouldn’t go to bed with damp hair, but honestly, at that time of night who wants to faff around with a hairdryer? I had been determined to get a shower after work, one way or the other, dreaming of luxuriant, scented steam. As usual, though, it turned out to be ‘the other’ as I stomped into the bathroom late at night, while the computer rebooted itself for the n’th time and set the water running. A quick scrub and with hair still dripping, I was back at my desk before the PC  had chance to cough and splutter again.

waddeson 061I rolled into bed an hour or so later, barely even acknowledging the damp locks I had simply brushed back and left to dry. The regrets manifested this morning as I looked in the mirror at the small haystack of curls that has been christened the ‘thirty…

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