IAVOM-Small Treasures

Eliza Waters

Salvia, Viola, VeronicaOur first light frost came two weeks ago and since then, there have been several more, slowly ending the garden season this year. While the annuals are the first to go, those near the warmth of the paved driveway and stonewall beds that retain heat have lingered a bit longer.

SalviaGleaning what few blossoms that remain, I picked this little bouquet of jewel-toned beauties – Salvia ‘Black and Blue,’ deep pink Speedwell (Veronica spicata) and Hearts-ease (Viola tricolor) to put in a small silver antique bud vase. I’ve put it in the window above the kitchen sink where I can treasure these last blooms of the year.

Two chrysanthemums that I overwintered in the garage were planted out this spring and have produced well, so I picked a few sprigs to put in my little Lenox vase.

I thank Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts the meme 

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