Six on Saturday: Autumn Colours

Rambling in the Garden

Despite shorter days, increasingly cooler nights and the impending likelihood of the first frosts, the garden continues to provide a succession of ‘wow’ moments as autumn takes its brush and repaints it in its own choice of colours.

The initial peachy colour of crab apple ‘Evereste’ has instead become a glowing shade of  pinkish red, whilst leaves of the various witch hazels change from green to yellow in the case of Hamamelis ‘Zuccariniana’ (below) and to a stripy russet shade on H ‘Spanish Spider’ (second below):

Hydrangeas age gracefully, morphing like our favourite Grannie into a calm, serene and soft old age:

Ornamental grass Anemanthele lessonii is wonderful in many ways, providing movement and texture in the border and taking on glowing autumn shades as the year progresses; here, it is just beginning to show reddish tints but in a small pot elsewhere it resembles a burning bush:

Finally, for…

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