Free Book Just for This Weekend

Stevie Turner

I told myself earlier this year that I would not make any more of my books free.  However, a friend of my cousin asked him whether I have any free books going at the moment, and I owe him a favour or two.  Therefore just for this weekend I have made ‘For the Sake of a Child‘ free, as this is the book the lady wanted to read.  Phillip, I think we’re all square now!

Ginny Ford is pleased to win the coveted job of housekeeper to the directors of PhizzFace Inc. However, her joy becomes tarnished by an accidental find whilst cleaning, leading her to suspect that all is not as it should be on the managerial corridor. Delving deeper, she is shocked to uncover corruption and a secret paedophile network that has remained hidden for years, involving the very people she has come to know and…

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