Getting old


I was brushing my hair the other day and noticed some rather wider grey ‘Vogue’ streaks.
My hair has always been dark and in later years peppered, but this was the first time in ages I’d actually really looked!
So I asked Hubby if he’d noticed any major difference in my locks over the past few weeks.

Pictures of my hair October 2016 (boat), May 2017 (MSM), and Oct 2018 (here).

Don’t be fooled that I’d had it cut last year, as I’d brushed it all forward to give myself a haircut, and this is it over my face! I do it myself as to be honest it’s something like £30 for a cut and blow dry, and that’s almost a fortnight’s food shopping for us.
Anyway, I came in and asked Hubby the question, to which he replied that I’d been ‘thick’ for ages!
You gotta love ‘im, he…

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