From weeds to wildflowers…

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When my son’s old driveway was constructed, no-one thought to lay a weed membrane beneath it. Consequently, when a nice crop of weeds grew between the blocks I, as the designated gardener, had to tackle the things. I won’t use weedkiller,  so that meant pulling them up one by one…and as I don’t like killing plants just because they happen to be growing in the ‘wrong’ place, I felt I should do what I could to salvage them.

I had started learning about herbs and wildflowers in my teens, fascinated by the natural properties of plants, so I recognised them all. Luckily, they were the type of weeds that are being sold as fashionable wildflowers these days.

I don’t have a proper garden here… just a small green space that has been looking at me accusingly, waiting to be transformed. I planted the salvaged seedlings and waited to see what…

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2 thoughts on “From weeds to wildflowers…

  1. I always coveted a brick driveway, but now we have one all plant life flourishes on it. I don’t use any weedkillers of any kind. I often rescue tiny seedlings of snapdragon and pot them up – they grow well. This year alyssum are thriving – others may look upon them as weeds, but their scent is lovely. We visited a fantastic garden in the spring and on the outdoor patio by the coffee shop was a notice explaining that they were allowing seedlings to grow on the paving to ‘Soften the Lines’ – so I now have a new term for the havoc on our driveway!

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