I can SO blog this… #travel #Scotland #humor

Barb Taub

I can’t drink it, but I can blog it…

[Image credit: The Prospect] Note from Barb—This is a slightly revised post from a few years back. Only because I’m feeling the need to see more Scottish islands!

“Another trip?” My friend handed me the teacup. “Are you sure?”

“Why does everyone assume my vacations never work? We may be Americans, but we’re in the UK now. We know what we’re doing.”

My tea, awash with milk and sugar, mocked me.

Okay, so maybe my trips don’t exactly go according to plan.

In celebration of Child#4 completing her last University exam ever, I had (for me) outdone myself on planning our upcoming Isle of Mull trip—booked a cottage and a boat trip to view Scotland’s Fingal’s Cave, stockpiled trip essentials (dog treats and Starbucks Instant Via coffee), and reserved the car ferry. Best of all, weather…

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