Government wants summat fer nowt.

Jim Webster


I confess that I don’t often visit Carlisle, so whilst it’s technically my county town, I don’t go there every decade. In fact if I’ve been into the city half a dozen times that’s probably it. It’s just that we have to go up to Carlisle soon. Hence I was a bit nonplussed when my lady wife commented that the Victoria Viaduct in Carlisle was closed. I frankly hadn’t a clue where it was. So with the aid of a map she explained it to me (she knows the city far better than I do having lived in the north of the county for a while.)
What has happened is that a hotel, the Central Plaza, is collapsing and this has made the road unsafe. It’s causing a lot of problems for the good people of the city. So something should be done. Personally I’d have the council sue the…

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