Streets Ahead Street Team – 3rd October

Stevie Turner

Yes, it’s Yours Truly who has a turn on Streets Ahead this week,  so I thought  I’d add my paranormal novel ‘Partners in Time’, and share a rather nice 5 star review I had from Stephen Bentley on

Review on by Stephen Bentley:

One could argue the tagline for this excellent book could be ‘Emily is still desperate for a husband and children, and John is the answer to her dreams.’ The trouble is Emily and John are separated in time by over one hundred years.

Emily is introduced at the start of the book and at first, I thought I was about to read an excellent work of historical fiction as the setting, language, and social conventions are firmly placed in Victorian England. The other main characters are John Finbow and his wife, Kay, who are introduced in a modern-day 1990s setting. The rest of the story…

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