The Daily Spur Presents…A Boy Made Out Of Stars.


He was a boy made out of stars, but he had no home. His constellation was gone. Where it had gone to, he had no idea.

He just knew that it was gone.

It should have been to the left of Orion. It was there yesterday and yesterday before that and so many long lines of yesterdays. But tonight it was gone.

He rode a falling star to Earth and found a nice hilltop to sit on.

He looked up at the night sky, hoping that a bit of distance would make his constellation reappear.

It didn’t.

His constellation was gone.

He considered the other constellations and wondered which one would be willing to take him in.

Maybe Orion would.

Maybe Cassiopeia.

Or maybe he would take a chance and try to live here on Earth.

He sighed and laid on the hill.

The boy made of stars watched the…

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