This heart is losing hope


trees-winter-branches-mar2016-1_26013577766_o A season for everything. Winter is here. Spring will arrive. – photo by C.E. Pereira

This heart is cold.
A solid wall of ice.
It stopped crying.
Long ago it lost tears.

Has this heart died?
Laughter is silenced.
Love cannot enter.
Long ago it lost joy.

A mechanical beat.
Its rhythm broken.
Hurt lives in this heart.
Anguish cannot leave.

When was it hugged?
It was too long ago.
If you hug it now,
will it shatter into pieces?

It learned to be mean.
Sprouting barb wires.
A fortress of defence.
Ice walls! Winter resides.

This heart hasn’t forgotten.
The life of loving another.
Of giving freely, loving fully.
Vunerable! This heart gave.

Now, this heart has a void.
Only black emptiness.
Who will light a candle?
This heart is losing hope.

By C.E. Pereira

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