Reading my book was an emotional roller coaster ride

A Crack in the Pavement

roller coaster 1A Lost Treasure

A long time ago when MTV use to play videos and VHS recorders were the coolest inventions every, I use to record my favorite music videos.

For those of you who remember, it was kind of like having a mix tape of your favorite songs. The kind where we’d always get the disc jockey talking at the beginning or the end. MTV videos were the same but Martha Quinn was so cute it didn’t really matter.

MTVA while back I was cleaning out my old collections of odds and ends and what do you know, there they were. I converted my old videos to DVD’s to keep the memories safe but as time passed they became lost and forgotten.

Doing what I always do when I have a project in mind, I found something shiny and traveled in another direction. This particular shiny thing were my old…

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