Things I Think Should Be Considered When Writing Relationship Breakups #AmWriting

Lucy Mitchell

Writing a relationship break up can be just as tricky as creating a romantic union between two characters.

In certain scenarios it can play havoc with your writer emotions. You might even find yourself reaching for the tissues, raiding the chocolate cupboard and compiling a sad songs Spotify playlist.

Back in the day, before I found my wonderful loved one, I endured a few break ups. For me the pain from a romantic split is horrid. It can make you cry for hours and the ache inside your chest feels like someone actually tore your little heart to pieces. In some cases the pain of a break up can be debilitating and prevent you from moving on with your life for weeks, months and even years afterwards.

My worst break up was with a life guard. I had met him in a nightclub and once I found out what he…

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