Breaking News!

Disaster has struck and there’s not a damned thing I can do about it!

Our landline has died, leaving us literally without a leg to stand on.

No wi fi, so no work can be done. Not by me anyway.

I have managed to access my emails and various sites, but nothing else, so far…

I’m sure it is possible to get around the lack of wi fi, I mean, I am actually here, typing this directly on to WP but I have just spent an hour trying to find and use an image.

Almost as long trying to access some posts on an USB, but my brain cannot grasp the finer points! I thought I would let everyone know the state of affairs, and that the engineer won’t be coming until Wednesday… Wednesday!!!

I will spend the rest of the day with the instruction manual for this laptop, and hope to make better progress tomorrow…

I am missing you all already!





13 thoughts on “Breaking News!

  1. I sympathize with you. We are totally dependent on those who take our cash to use their technology, yet make it extremely difficult to understand and almost certainly hard to reach to rectify our problems. Though I pay my bills ON TIME I’m still forced to wait days for them to recognize whats happening, let alone FIX it.All I can say is relax and enjoy the silence, if you can. These are precious moments given to us by the Universe. As I always say “This too shall pass.” Take care and BREATHE ❤🌹❤

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