Sword, Shield, and Love: A #BlogBattle Story

Rachael Ritchey

Every once in a while someone I know will want to participate in BlogBattle who doesn’t have a blog of their own, so sometimes I will post their story on my blog. Please enjoy this funny yet tragic tale of love, zombies, and the end of the world as we know it.

Sword, Shield, and Love

by Anonymous

I am Nicholos Geni, you can call me Nick, I am currently dating a beautiful blonde German lady who loves red. Her name is Sara; she is my sword and shield. Our world is in an apocalypse. Zombies roam the surface, but so do we. She helps me defeat the zombies and protects me. THAT is why she is my sword and shield.

But, I have a real sword too.

The only way these zombies die is if they lose their heads. How does that work…

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