Peacock Poetry

It’s a lazy Sunday our end as we slowly awaken after a lovely lakeside party in Zürich yesterday. I will be taking a break from blogging for the next couple of weeks as I will be on my second inner leadership retreat with patchy WiFi and it’s a damn good excuse to unplug for a while! Today’s poem is about the answers we find in nature when we take the time to witness our surroundings. More from me on my return!

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

There is nothing lacking

suggests the satellite sun as it sears through the clumpy treetop

Everything’s just as it should be

confirms the trusty trunk and his trellised torso

Find what you need within you chirp the clusters of winged warriors

(They make it all sound so easy!)

Sure, you’ll get stung from time to time

smirk the scissored stems of smug stinging nettles

So take a…

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