Predator and prey…?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Once bitten twice shy

Prey learns fast from predator

Just try it and see…


Though not afraid of spiders
I now give them wider berth,
Since one of them determined
To remove me from this earth.

The damned thing, several years ago,
That thought my foot was lunch,
Though only small and delicate,
Was packing quite a punch.

The doctor said, “Hmm, that’s not good,
Just nip to A and E.”
They thought that it was ‘interesting’
My leg swelled to the knee…

Between antibiotics
And an allergy thereto,
I came close to the wire
And I thought my days were through.

So, though I live with spiders
Of most every shape and size,
These days I am more circumspect
Preferring no surprise.

The big ones are no problem,
I am armed with card and glass,
Though some of them are monsters
That into the glass won’t pass.

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