POISED #WritePrompt Sue Vincent

Once Upon a Time....



The huge black spider waited,

Looking up with its large shiny black eyes.

Its furry feathered black back, eight legs

and one head joined,

its Body,

No segmentation needed.

It was waiting, just waiting until the desired

Afternoon afterschool kids

Would walk his way.


They would be his for the choosing.

Then the rain came pouring down

upon all the streets,


like a river deluge,

In the cracks in the rocks that were large enough

he would hide,

Tomorrow would be another day.

 The End

A personal note: I wrote this in rememberance of the almost 3 inch x 3 inch hairy black Aussie spider that chased me down my sidewalk 2 years ago this October, leaving me ill for weeks with it’s poison, and scared me for life on my ankle.

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