Crisps and cold rice pudding

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Appalling isn’t it? I can cook from here to Bombay, but do I? No. At least, not for me. I cook daily for my son at his home, but here, the dog eats better than I do… she, at least, reminds me twice a day without fail to fill her bowls with something decent.

I live mainly on coffee unless I have visitors, with the odd foray into the larder every now and then in search of something I can nibble while I work. Which is where the packet of crisps materialised… and the rice pudding.

I was going to write about that.. then I remembered that I already had done so, some time ago.. so, as I am up-to- the- eyeballs busy and none too well either, I thought I might share the memories again… cold rice pudding takes me back a very long way…

When I was a…

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