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spring walk kite 077

       “Not necessarily these days, what do think it means?”
      “It’s the observer and the observed. They’re the observer. We’re the observed”
      “Don’t be absurd.”
      I motion out of the roof window where three Red Kites are flying in formation.
      “Now who’s being absurd?”

Extract from The Initiate

There was a buzzard, the second within a mile, perched on the fence by the road as I drove to work. No doubt it was simply looking for its breakfast, but that doesn’t explain why, out of all the cars passing, it was my eyes it held, sharing a gaze as the car crawled past. There is a moment of timeless communication, in some forgotten language; as if a feather of understanding brushes against your consciousness and then is lost in the chatter of rush-hour.

There had been a red kite in the tree on the edge of…

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