My Facebook Experiment

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The end of March 2019, (where has the time gone?) I made the momentous decision to leave Facebook. I migrated over to a site called MeWe, which for all sakes and purposes, had the ability to change social media by avoiding all the privacy issues we faced on Facebook.

After seven months, I can report that my experiment was a failure. I lost traffic to my blog and my stats were down. I never realized how much traffic I received from Facebook. Lesson learned!

Even worse, I lost contact with my author community. I felt isolated and alone.

Social media consumes us all and even though I fight it, I realize that I’m not happy without my author community. In addition, I made it too hard for my readers to stay in touch. But, I’ve got a remedy for that!

So, I’m back. It’s that simple. I’ve had to start…

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2 thoughts on “My Facebook Experiment

  1. Thanks for sharing Jaye. During this time we also sold our house and moved to Arizona. Plus, we stayed with my husband’s brother who has Parkinson’s to help out our sister in law. I just didn’t have time for FB. Now, that we’re settled I’m trying to get back into the grove. ❤

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