To sleep, perchance to write

Tallis Steelyard

2) To sleep, perchance to write

I must confess that I rarely gain any benefit from the dreams I have that I remember upon waking. Some seem to have me in long and convoluted discussions with people who are dead or whom I am aware of but have never met. In some I seem to be travelling through strange places for entirely inadequately explained reasons. Then, like everybody else, I seem to have the occasional dream where I have somehow displaced all my clothes and thus must wander naked through embarrassing situations.

It is only very occasionally that I awake from a dream and think, “I can use that.” Indeed I have a piece of scrap paper I keep by my bed for just such instances. Embarrassingly, perusing it shows that it contains more notes about appointments I mustn’t forget than fragments of immortal verse.

But there are those who either dream more wisely than me…

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