In my dreams, I reached out and touched reality



My heart touches the words.
Jumbled emotions emerges.
I pen the words on paper.
Each verse my truth inked.

There is no rhyme here.
Only poems from my heart.
In dreamscape they float.
Verses on rainbow magic.

These poems, my story.
A kaleidoscope of colours.
The sage drawn into dreams.
Through clouds, much higher.


My dream world, the universe.
A galaxy within reach in sleep.
There are no stars, only words.
My heart sees; my soul sighs.

In my dreams, I reached out
and touched reality.
Here, without masks. Me!
My words waiting in slumber.

Sunrise, I try to hurry.
So much to write down.
The mind cannot hold on.
For the dream is fading.

dsc_1547-gwen-charles-home-cepcarol_10340679033_oBy C.E. Pereira

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