Spirited Soul

Peacock Poetry

I do love listening to the Oprah Super Soul conversations podcast when I’m out on my morning jog it has to be said! Today I had the privilege of listening to an old episode in which Oprah interviewed the late Maya Angelou. What an amazingly inspirational spirited woman she was, and a poet to boot! In one part of the conversation, Oprah asked Maya what her favourite word was to which she replied ‘love’ and ‘murmur’, explaining that she liked the sound of the word ”murmur” and that a murmur can’t be shouted. This comment inspired me to write the following ditty!

Just a Suggestion

A murmur can’t be shouted

A whisper cannot yell

A hint cannot be outed

But subtleties don’t sell

For nuances are hazy

They want it all spelled out

Digesters have turned lazy

No time to sit about

and sense the implications

or feel what’s been…

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